Born 1983 in Kiel, Germany, Marco started banging on buckets from the age of 4. Playing air drums to his favorite artists and their records like The Beatles, Sting or Led Zeppelin, he learned the drum parts by listening and by trying on his own. Quickly Marco adopted a wide repertoire of drumming and was soon asked by local bands to join them. Throughout the years Marco played in a variety of musiclally more and more challening bands.

From the age of 15 he studied with Jost Nickel, Udo Dahmen, Tim Engel and Curt Cress, learning rudiments, technique, reading skills and more reportoire. Marco dropped out of school when turning 18 and moved to Hamburg to visit the famous „Popkurs“ (Kontaktstudiengang Popularmusik) at the Hamburg University of Music and Theatre. Here he made his first contacts in the German music industry.

Very soon he was able to make a living by playing drums. Marco has been asked by several well renowned, mostly German pop artists and producers to play drums on tour and studio sessions all over Europe and the UK.

In cooperation with several sound engineers Marco is running his own studio space where he often records drum tracks on demand.